UpSwift for Agriculture solutions

The ability to continuously manage and control remotely smart agriculture devices is crucial. Often, agriculture products must work properly 24/7 and when somethings goes wrong, there is no instant way to physically reach and fix the issue. UpSwift IoT platform has been developed exactly for such cases. 


Imagine a field consists of hundreds of smart devices that monitor soil moisture, analysis the data and decides whether to irrigate the plants or not. The application that has been shipped with those devices has a bug that once in a while stops the irrigation on a very hot sunny day.

The circumstances of that one software bug are terrible. An entire field of crops are instantly dried out. Obviously, the ability to remotely send over-the-air software update on the entire fleet of the smart devices, in such a case, is a must. This is where UpSwift comes in place.


UpSwift provides multiple tools under one cloud platform that are crucial for day-to-day management of smart agriculture IoT products. 

Receive instant alerts on errors

View live sensors values

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Remotely debug and fix software issues

View entire devices fleet real-time status






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