Upswift solutions for Automotive

Like so many other industries, Automotive is undergoing a revolution. Recent trends include new cars with smart modes as standard, a boom in the electric car market, and the imminent arrival of the age of self-driving vehicles. These drastic changes in an industry historically slow to change are opening up major opportunities for IoT and smart device businesses as well as the Automotive industry itself.

Industry Case Study:
The executives at NewCar Automotive are enthusiastic about embracing the
opportunities of Smart Tech. First up, their latest vehicle has a state-of-the-art smart entertainment system. Today's consumer is used to receiving new options and features on a constant basis so the NewCar team want to be able to provide their customers with regular software updates. NewCar also want a way to monitor the performance of their new vehicle, as receiving data on component performance will aid the design and manufacture of future parts, and mean long-term cost savings. All of this requires a robust platform that will provide reliable solutions. Upswift's IoT management platform has been designed and developed for exactly such challenges. With the Upswift cloud platform, NewCar can receive instant alerts on software errors, debug issues remotely and deploy an over-the-air (OTA) software update to all of their vehicles' devices. There is also the potential to receive real-time data from smart devices.

Receive instant alerts in event of errors

Software version control 

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Remotely debug and fix software issues

View entire devices fleet real-time status






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