UpSwift for Automotive solutions

The Automotive industry is going through a revolution, in the past few years. There are multiple trends that are being seen recently, new cars are coming with smart modes, electric cars are everywhere now and soon enough we will encounter self-driving ones as well.

Those drastic changes in that old industry are opening new major opportunities for IoT and smart devices businesses. Nevertheless, the challenges are yet to come. A car with a smart entertainment system should get updated regularly as consumers those days are used to receive new options and features on a constant basis. Monitoring the vehicle status is another challenge that Automotive companies have, as receiving logs and statistics of a particular part in the car may save much costs when manufacturing future pieces. All of this, requires a robust platform that will provide a reliable solution.

UpSwift IoT management platform has been designed and developed exactly for such cases. With UpSwift cloud platform, Automotive companies can receive instant alerts on software errors, debug the issues remotely and deploy an over-the-air (OTA) software update to all of their vehicles fleet.

Receive instant alerts on errors

Software version control 

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Remotely debug and fix software issues

View entire devices fleet real-time status






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