UpSwift for Consumer solutions

Smart consumer products are everywhere those days. It's been already a few years since it became a standard to purchase smart gadgets that ease our daily lives. The most popular ones are obviously the smartphones, smart wearables such as watches, but there are plenty of others like smart home products, TVs, kitchen accessories and many others.

The manufacturers of those devices have multiple challenges to address before they begin selling their smart products to end customers. First of all, unlike in the past, nowadays, consumers are expecting that the products they purchase will upgrade overtime. Meaning they will receive updates and have new features that weren't advertised before.


Another challenge that arise over the last few years is the "recall" challenge. In the past, when some product wasn't working as expected, it was clear that the manufacturer will make a recall and replace the defected products with new ones. Recalls are the nightmare of businesses as they can bury a company, since the costs of it are enormous.

To address those challenges, the owner of the product must have a robust management platform that supports sending reliably over-the-air (OTA) software updates. UpSwift IoT management platform has been designed and developed to tackle those challenges and provide an all-in-one platform for consumer products manufacturers.

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Receive instant alerts on errors

Remotely debug and fix software issues

Software version control 

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