Embedded Linux and IoT system and app monitor and alerts

Running a fleet of IoT devices from any kind - Linux, RTOS, Android requires us to be in control anytime, even when we are not checking by our selves. There are a lot of different situations where one of the devices behave differently and may cause issues down the road.

Here are 2 different ways to of monitoring and alerting methods that can save us from recalls:  

System monitor and alerts - device resources like DISK, CPU and RAM usage can tell us a bit about how the device behaves in the field. Setting rules and limits to the device resources can help us "catch" in time if one of our products cross the limits and probably not working as usual. 

App monitor and alerts - know if one of your devices had an error in the running application by sending and getting alert in case there was an error in the product application.

Here at Upswift.io we provide an extremely easy, fast and convenient method to monitor product fleet resources remotely as well as sending error data from the device application to Upswift dashboard. It is possible to send any kind of format data, from any kind of connected device, all using Upswift REST API. You can read more about our API in the docs.

Monitor and alert on IoT and Linux devices remotely example

Here is an example of how to set alerts on device resources and send app errors data using the API 


First, our device needed to be connected to Upswift platform. After registering, click on 'Register Device' to connect your IoT product.


Under the 'Diagnostics' category, in the system section, we are able to set resources limits as needed, in case a device will raise above the limits' we will automatically get a new alert in the system section and through email. 


The next step is to send an application alerts from the IoT/Linux device using Upswift REST API, in this example, we will use python. Here is an example code using the App parameters we already set. More helpful details of how to use the API - docs


Looking back at Upswift 'Diagnostics' category, in the 'Application' section, we will be able to see the alert we have just sent for the device python code






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