Upswift solutions for Industrial

Perhaps some of the most obvious applications for smart technology are in the
Industrial sector. The industry 4.0 IoT revolution is big news - factories around the world are racing to introduce smart devices, and this is no surprise given the huge savings that can result by converting from a traditional production line to a smart one.

Industry Case Study:
Jozef wants to deploy a fleet of smart devices in his factory. He is excited about the potential efficiency and cost savings, but his only concern is whether he would have the ability to find and investigate a fault in the event that a production line stops for an unknown reason. He thinks this might happen if there were a software bug in one of the new smart devices installed on that line. The consequences of a stuck production line would be horrible – not just huge costs, but potentially delayed deliveries and damage to the reputation of Jozef's company. Discovering the issue, developing a fix and deploying it as fast as possible will be crucial if this were to happen.

Upswift IoT management platform has been designed with exactly this perspective in mind. With Upswift tools, Jozef can receive live alerts on upcoming software errors, remotely connect to the device with the issue, investigate the bug and immediately deploy an Over-The-Air update with the new software version.

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Receive instant alerts in event of errors

Remotely debug and fix software issues

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