Manage all your edge devices in one place

An overview of your entire edge device fleet in one place. Real-time status, software version, technical details, logs, location, and more.


View status of your edge devices in real-time. See the last time they have communicated with Upswift servers


Create and name separate groups for your edge devices (e.g. 'Area B'  or 'Production') and move devices between these groups as required


See technical details of each edge device in real-time. View IP address, MAC and current RAM/CPU/DISK usage


Send logs from your edge devices directly to the dashboard. View or download those logs with one click


View real-time alerts of any issues with the system or operation of your edge devices


Send ready-to-use commands such as 'reboot', 'network reset' and, 'restart application' a with single click

The Benefits of Device Management for IoT and Embedded Linux

Instant insights into your devices fleet 

View your entire fleet of edge devices in one place. Make significant decisions based on the real-time data. Receive instant alerts in the event of issues, and view the corresponding log to debug and fix them quickly.

All details in one place

Make gathering information from your edge devices easy and efficient. View the last communication time of each device, as well as it's real-time resource usage, static details such as MAC address and more.

Deploy software updates with confidence

Split your edge devices into groups and deploy software updates gradually, for example by first allocating a 'Test' group and only rolling out the update to your 'Production' group after a successful test, or by using A/B test groups to try out different software on distinct groups of devices.

Manage access

Create sub-accounts with restricted permissions: create a support account with view-only access, and a developer account with permission to connect to devices and deploy software updates. Enable two-factor authentication with SMS to make your account more secure.






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