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Micro-update Technology

An application layer update solution for connected and embedded devices in the new agile software development era.


No learning curve at all.

ANYONE can deploy Micro-updates.


No image deployment is needed.


Automatic rollback on failure detection.


Deploy only the necessary changes of your embedded software easily.


Update any filesystem component.


Powerful encryption mechanism ensuring in-transit update security.

Smart OTA deploying engine

Deployed package is encrypted and compressed

The Benefits of Over-the-Air software updates for Linux device

Forget about recalls

Continuous improvements. Bugs can be fixed and product behavior can be enhanced after the device lands in the hands of your consumers. This can potentially eliminate costly recalls and in-person maintenance.

Improved scalability

Over-The-Air Micro-updates enables you to add new features to infrastructure after the release without physical access at all.

Faster time-to-market

Developers can test new features on selected devices and deploy frequently knowing that the products will remain stable. Micro-updates can be deployed even while the product is still on the production line.