UpSwift for Logistics solutions

In the past few years, the Logistics industry has been rapidly evolving into the smart sector. There has been a huge growth in the smart logistics IoT solutions that address different demands, but the general purpose of all is to automate and efficient processes that are currently done by humans.

Logistics smart solutions usually involve an entire fleet of IoT devices that are monitoring a dedicated matter and based on the result an action is done. Let's take an example of a smart Supermarket warehouse with robots that receive an online order, automatically collect the ordered products, package them and pass them to delivery. Imagine an entire fleet of hundreds of such robots that are working non-stop. One bug in the software is enough to make the entire warehouse stop working correctly and result in wrong products delivered to customers. 

UpSwift alerts engine tool will predict forthcoming errors of your software and instantly alert you to take an immediate action. Then, using UpSwift remote control tool, you could remotely connect to the problematic robot, debug the issue and when you find the solution, remotely deploy the necessary software changes to all of your robots fleet in 1 click using UpSwift OTA Micro-Updates tool.

UpSwift cloud platform provides all the necessary tools for remotely managing Logistics IoT products in one place.

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Receive instant alerts on errors

Remotely debug and fix software issues

View live sensors values

View entire devices fleet real-time status






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