Monitor IoT and Linux products application remotely

Running a fleet of IoT devices from any kind - Linux, RTOS, Android requires us to have a better understanding of the product application behavior. The data of the product application can be varied and different from product to product, as each project may have different important parameters that needed to be monitored remotely.

Here are a few examples of application monitor parameters that common in IoT projects:

  • Application cycle - the number of cycles of the application actions. It can be any metric that may help you understand if the application code is working as it should.
  • Sensors metrics - the output of the product sensors. Viewing device sensor parameters output may help debug issues remotely and ensure that the product is working as expected.
  • User data - important data on the user behavior which may be helpful for the better supporting and for the next product generation.
  • Configurations - important configurations that are running on the device, and may help in future debugging in case of an issue.

​Here at we provide an extremely easy, fast and convenient method to send application data from the device Upswift dashboard, and view, monitor the metrics of each device easily. It is possible to send any kind of format data, from any kind of connected device, all using Upswift REST API. You can read more about our API in the docs.

Monitor IoT and Linux devices app remotely example

Here is a an example of how to send app monitor data from the embedded devices using Upswift API.


First, our device needed to be connected to Upswift platform. After registering, click on 'Register Device' to connect your IoT product.


Looking at Upswift 'Devices' category, you will find your IoT device. Next, we can go to the 'APP Monitor' category, and set the app parameters names as we wish.


The next step is to send data from the IoT device using Upswift REST API, in this example, we will use python. Here is an example code using the App parameters we already set. More helpful details of how to use the API - docs


Looking back at Upswift 'App Monitor' category, we will be able to see the values we have just sent from the device in step 3.