OTA update tool for remote Linux devices

Upswift provides the best in class tools to update and manage remote Linux devices easily in an all-in-one platform.

The benefits of Upswift OTA update tools

Zero Linux Based Product Recalls
No more IoT product recalls or frustrating phone support calls: with Upswift OTA update tools, your devices are always stable with your latest software.
Save Your Developers Time
Nothing needed to be developed, Upswift provides an all-in-one platform to manage your OTA update deployments as well to managing the devices, all remotely.
Happy Satisfied Customers
Receive product alerts and fix software issues before the client even notices. Always stay informed, and deploy new software features with a single click.

Start deploy OTA updates in a few steps

By going through the next steps, your device will be ready to receive it's first remote update by you.

Power on & connect to your IoT board shell terminal.

Register to Upswift platform, and go thourgh the on-boarding process to create your first project.

In the next window, Install Upswift agent on the IoT board by running the installation command in the device shell.

Going back to the Upswift platform will reveal a new online IoT device under the 'Devices' category. From that point, move to the 'Updates' category and build your first OTA software update.

Upswift OTA update tools

Upswift is a scalable cloud-based solution that delivers visibility, control and monitoring tools for connected IoT devices. Our unique OTA update tools provides a secure way to deploy file-system updates: Micro update, and container based updates: Container update, with a ready-to-use platform.

Main 4 features

Manage one IoT device or one million, arranged in groups, with name, software version, location and description.
Update your IoT devices software code and packages at scale with lightweight secure over the air update technology.
The set of tools you need to perform quick support actions to fix product issues remotely in zero-touch.
Monitor your IoT devices  resources, app, data and sensors while receiving alerts on software bugs and suspicious behavior.