Device Management

Manage all your edge devices in one place, anywhere.

Manage connected products in groups with name and description, arranged by real-time state, software version, technical details, logs, location, and much more.

More Information

View status of your edge devices in real-time. See the last time they have communicated with Upswift platform.


Create groups and sub-groups for your edge devices (e.g. 'Area B' or 'Production') and move devices between these groups as required.


See technical details for each edge device in real-time. From IP address, MAC and current resources usage.


Set name, location, description, software version for each and every device.


View real-time alerts of any issues with the system or operation of your edge devices.


Send ready-to-use commands such as 'reboot', 'network reset' and, 'restart application' with single click.

The benefits of Upswift Linux & IoT Device Management

Companies say about us

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"The Upswift platform has enabled us to roll out our new and unique nest box camera technology around the world, allowing the remote management and monitoring of devices. It was the missing link we needed to implement this project on a large scale."

Jamie Wainwright

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"Rise Buildings deploys a lot of devices in the field which are behind the customer firewall due to security reasons. Rise Buildings's support needed a way to remotely log in to these devices to perform maintenance and check logs for troubleshooting purposes. We looked at various solutions but chose to go with Upswift as that is the only platform that delivered. This has saved us a lot of maintenance headaches as we can access any of the device from a single web page. Good job Upswift!"

Sid Jain

CTO, Rise Buildings
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"Upswift helps us to monitor and maintain our devices at customer sites without physically accessing them. This is extremely valuable to us a startup, which is constantly improving it products to meet customers satisfaction."

Malte Dancker

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"Upswift offers a great service for IoT projects, the cloud platform is easy to use, good documentation, and fast customer support. We found great value in its starter package for prototyping and find it competitive for scaling up."

Abdullah Shams

Sofware Engineer