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How to connect ANY Linux device to Upswift platform in 60 seconds

Upswift device management platform supports any type of Linux based device out-of-the-box - hardware: armv6,7,8 32/64bit and Intel/AMD x86_64bit, software: Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian, Centos, Yocto based image, or any other adapted Linux based distro.

It's extremely easy to connect a device or a fleet of devices to Upswift platform, and it can be done in any stage of the product development, even minutes before production!

Whether it's a Jetson Nano, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Google Coral, a Dell server, Variscite SoM-6ul, or any other custom system on module / single board computer / regular pc or server, you can connect it instantly to Upswift platform. Let's begin:

4 Steps

  1. Register to Upswift platform.

  2. Turn on your Linux based device, and make sure it's connected to the internet.

  3. After a quick onboarding, you will need to create an Upswift project.

  4. A window with details on how to connect a device will show up. To connect your device, follow the next steps:

  • Copy the whole command and paste it in the device's terminal.

  • Run the command and wait until the installation is completed.

  • Your device will appear on Upswift platform, under the 'Devices' category.

That's it. You can now manage your devices remotely.

Here is a quick video that does the same steps:

Want to connect devices at scale? would like to build an image with Upswift inside? we solve it all, here.






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