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Embedded Linux device management platform

Managing a fleet of embedded Linux and IoT devices remotely may help us be in control and be able to maintain your product easily from anywhere in the world.

Embedded Linux devices usually run on low resource hardware, for example: 100MB RAM, 200MB Flash disk and 1 core 650mhz. Running thousands or millions of devices remotely, require a stable, fast and convenient way to deploy software updates, debug issues and arrange the product by names and groups.

Using Upswift.io device management platform, you can connect any embedded Linux device as well as other IoT RTOS based products that are connected to the internet.

Why Upswift embedded Linux Agent is necessary to keep the device fleets safe and stable?

Products software can run into a problem and may cause the product not to work as expected. To solve it remotely and be sure we can maintain the device even when there is a software bug, a Linux service, which runs as a separate entity needs to be in play.

Upswift Agent runs has been designed to run on embedded Linux devices, as it consumes less than 9MB RAM and 6MB disk usage.






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