IoT device management platform in 2020

Here at we are building the best IoT device management platform in the world by listening to our customers' needs from a variety

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Here at we are building the best IoT device management platform in the world by listening to our customers' needs from a variety of industries. Today, the Upswift device management platform became the de-facto standard for managing a fleet of Linux and IoT devices remotely: providing one place to maintain any kind of smart product easily.

IoT device management in 2020

Today, having the ability to monitor each and every edge device that is running in the field, far from human hands, became a basic requirement for every 2020's project. Product reliability and stability save support time, product recalls, and most importantly maintenance costs.  

What tools and features are a "MUST" in an IoT device management platform?

Monitoring capabilities

To always stay in control, a good monitoring system need to be responsible for checking and alerting when basic or complicated metrics shaky and not stable. At, the Monitor tool includes three sections to monitor device resources like CPU, DISK, RAM, etc, the device application process and important data which is sent from the edge device app.

Everything is combined with a smart alerting system that sends emails by user-defined logic.

Over the air update capabilities

Deploy software patches and updates, from upgrading configuration files to a directory of a python application and Docker container. This tool can save a recall of thousands of devices that already in production. Here at the Update tool includes two mini tools to deploy files, packages, and even containers, all backed up with a smart rollback option.

Remote access and Controlling capabilities

There may be cases where expert support is essential. In this situation, the support team and the developers will have to access the specific device shell to debug the issue as they do with lab devices. To make that possible, Upswift provides tools to access the device shell from everywhere, even behind firewalls, and run remote Bash commands if needed.

Basic device management

When your device fleet is far away, in production, the visibility is gone, and nothing can bring you the confidence that everything is working as expected. A basic device management system can help you view your devices arranged by groups, names, locations, and descriptions. A basic device management system is your strength to keep everything visible and reliable.