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Best Practice Guide - Deploy micro-update in a production stage

This guide goes over the best practice to deploy Over-The-Air software update to your product fleet. The best practice guidelines are taught how to create and deploy micro-updates for Linux based products in a safer, fewer mistakes and more arranged way.

Deploy Micro-update approach

Each Micro-update deployment needs to be separated into 2 deployments of the same update recipe.

Guidelines 1. Make sure to have 2 groups (or more), while 1 group named Test and includes a test device that is running in your office/lab and identical to the production devices.

2. Create a new Micro-update recipe with the needed software update you would like to deploy. Then, deploy it only on the Test group.

3. Check Micro-update statues, and make sure the device behaves as you wanted after the deployments - update succeeded, device stability, software stability, basic resources checks and etc.

4. If the Micro-update worked as planned, you can go to recent Micro-updates and click on 'Deploy to others' to deploy the same Micro-update to the production groups.






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