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Best Practice Guide - Monitor device resources

This guide goes over the best practice to monitor your device resources using Upswift platform. The best practice guidelines are thought about how to set a limit and get alerts on device resources - CPU, RAM, and DISK usage.

System Resources Monitor approach

Upswift provides an easy-to-use way to monitor each and every device resources while receiving platform and email alerts in accordance. By enabling the device resources limit section, we will be able to know if one of our devices behaves not as usual and may require to have a look on.


1. Click on the Resources section under the Monitor category.

2. On the right side of the page, enable and fill in the 'System Alerts settings' section as you would like. It is recommended to check on a production device while working the average consumption and set the limits a bit above that.

3. Besides the basic monitoring, Upswift provides another smart monitoring tools that may help you achieve more details on the behavior of your devices:

Smart detection

A smart system that based on your project devices' history and can through alerts by different anomalies it detects.

Alert when devices turn offline

Monitor the status of your devices, and through alerts, if one of the devices go offline.






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