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Remote manage Raspberry Pi from everywhere in 2020

Raspberry Pi is everywhere these days. There are plenty of IoT projects running all over the world running great software and doing amazing stuff. When it comes to an industrial project, managing the devices remotely may be critical and important. Industrial products can run thousands of Raspberry Pis or any other embedded Linux (Yocto, Debian, ubuntu, armv6,7,8, and RTOS) devices in the field, far from human hands or from any reachable physical support.

Why it is so important to manage Raspberry Pis remotely?

Similar to cloud servers, IoT devices like Raspberry Pi and embedded Linux, have to run with supervisor above them. The supervisor enables the ease of managing the devices from anywhere in the world. There are a few risks for unmanaged devices, starting by not having the option to make changes, fix software bugs or debug a problem remotely to many simple situations where you would like to know if the device is running in the field as it should.

What is the easiest way to manage Raspberry Pi?

Here at Upswift.io we provide a device management platform that has been built specifically for IoT and embedded Linux devices. The platform provides a great way to manage one or even thousands of devices remotely with a nice, lightweight easy-to-use cloud platform.

Upswift IoT device management platform architecture based on the client-server methodology. The server-side acts as Upswift servers and the Raspberry Pi acts as the client-side which sends data to Upswift cloud as well as get control missions - over the air updates, remote control and more.

How long it takes to connect a Raspberry Pi to Upswift?

Here is the sweet part. To connect a Raspberry pi to the platform, all you need to do is running a command on the device terminal, and a few seconds later - your device will show up at Upswift platform, ready to get missions from you REMOTELY!

The integration takes less than 60 seconds!

What you can do with your Raspberry Pi remotely?

From now on, you can completely control and manage anything within the device software. Remote ssh to the device terminal, deploy OTA updates, send BASH commands, and even monitor the device resources and application. The platform got you covered, managing a fleet of thousands of devices in production sitting all over the world are now safe and managed by you.






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