Remote update Linux devices easily

Upswift provides the best enterprise-grade tools to remotely update Linux-based products from any type easily. From small lightweight file system updates to full container deployments.

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Using the remote update tools, our customers deploy new code, software patches, security updates, replace software configurations file, run Bash commands or deploy bug fixing - all remotely, in seconds, to a fleet of several Linux devices or thousands of Linux devices, separated to arranged groups and projects.

Upswift update tools are mixed with management and deployments capabilities that create an all-in-one environment to maintain edge Linux-based devices remotely.

How to deploy a remote software update?

The two tools to deploy OTA software updates on edge Linux devices remotely available right after registering to the platform and connecting a Linux device.

Micro Update

The micro update tool is an easy-to-use technology to deploy files, directories, and packages in seconds. The Micro update tools include a few great mechanisms built-in:

  1. Rollback - In case the deployment failed on each one of the Linux devices, the rollback system will be responsible to revert the deployment, and bring back the device state before the update automatically.
  2. Smart replacement - Upswift micro update tool will automatically replace deployed files and directories with similar files names on the same path. A great feature for the ones who would like to upgrade the current product software app without the need to remove it first.
  3. Deploy design - The micro update tool has been built to make the deployment safe and stable as possible. This is done by filling a recipe of the deployment to ensure your app doesn't get damaged during the upgrading.
  4. Security - Upswift micro update tool has a rigorous architecture, built and designed to match the healthcare and enterprise compliance: end-to-end ASE256 encryption under AWS based architecture.  

Container Update

The container update tool is a great solution for those who run the product software application in Docker containers. Here are a few great points about the mechanisms:

  1. Docker Hub integration - The Upswift container update is perfectly integrated to Docker Hub to ensure smooth, easy-to-use, secure deployment. The container stays at DockerHub and been deployed directly from your repository.
  2. Rollback - Similar to the Upswift micro update tool, the rollback feature responsible to revert the deployment, and bring the old container back to work.
  3. Scale&Fit - The Upswift container update tool has all the great options Docker built, and enable deployment of container multiple times with different flags and options directly from Upswift, remotely.

Upswift update tools are being used all around the world, on a wide range of industries and different kind of edge devices - Embedded Yocto Linux based Single-board computers/system on modules, Ubuntu server, Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson Nano, Beaglebone black, and many more. Join our eco-system today and ensure a smooth and easy production season.

It takes 60 seconds to register, connect a device, and start deploying remote updates.

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