SWUpdate for embedded linux or UpSwift device management platform

SWUpdate is a great known update technology that has been here for a while.

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SWUpdate is a great known update technology that has been here for a while. In the past few years, embedded Linux based products became similar to cloud servers in terms of maintenance and upgrades methods. All of us would like to have the ability to deploy quick and lightweight updates anytime on our IoT or embedded Linux based products, and more importantly, without disturbing the product application from running.

Linux software update

When we think about small Over-The-Air software updates for Linux devices, we must be able to monitor the result of the software changes. Moreover, in a big scale industrial projects we would like to have the ability to update just a small number of our products at the beginning, to make sure that everything works as expected, and only then, update the rest of our product fleet. This deployment method is used on a daily basis also at our smartphones. At UpSwift platform we implemented the same method for the embedded and IoT domain.

UpSwift platform software update deployment

Those functionalities are more than just a software update tool, and obviously can’t be done using a solution like SWUpdate.

for Industrial products, using an OTA update tool, has to come together with full device management capabilities that includes controlling, monitoring and grouping of product fleets.

All of that can be done easily, after a 60 seconds integration, using UpSwift device management platform.

UpSwift platform provides a smart lightweight technology for deploying tiny footprint OTA application layer updates and full control system that will help you monitor and analyze your Linux based products anytime and anywhere.

Try UpSwift today! It's completely free and full-featured up to 3 devices.