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Upswift Platform Release: Docker Container Update tool

This is an exciting day for us here at Upswift team and for the Upswift community all over the world. It's time for a big upgrade that will bring another fantastic way to deploy OTA updates to our most important thing - the edge product.

We listen to you all - the community, our customers, developers, and product managers to bring the difference, the change, to make your product maintenance easier and quicker, and simply - much better.

Say hello to a new OTA update tool

Upswift Container updates

Upswift container updates designed to be robust, lightweight, and easy-to-use.

This tool enables you to keep your software in your private repository and manage deployments of ready docker image containers with a powerful interface.

Main features:

  • Deploy & update containers on your edge Linux devices remotely, in minutes!

  • Rollback option in case of failure.

  • Support Docker hub private and public repositories.

How can I start using it? To start deploying containers with Upswift, you only need to:

  • Install Docker on your Linux edge devices by running the command -> curl -fsSL https://get.docker.com | sh​

  • Create or use exist repository at hub.docker.com.

  • Enter repository details & Deploy container update on your edge devices using Upswift platform.






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