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Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum number of devices that can be registered?

If you're already on a paid plan and need to add more devices, you can simply add more devices under the plan option, and we will automatically bill you for the additional devices. If more than 1,000 devices are needed, please contact us at

Is it possible to use multiple device hardware/operating systems in the same project ?

Yes! You can use different hardware and/or operating systems in the same project.

Do any of the plans require an annual commitment?

We provide two subscription options: 1. Annual subscription - you are committed for one year, billed annually. 2. Monthly subscription – you are committed for one month, billed monthly.

Does Upswift support Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano or any Yocto/embedded Linux based device?

Sure! Any Linux based device will work perfectly out-of-the-box. The Upswift service is designed to be as lightweight and generic as possible, similar to a regular downloadable Linux package. You can Install Upswift on your Linux based embedded board or virtual machine immediately after the registration.

Do I have to reinstall Upswift for each new device in the same project ?

No. Upswift's smart device registration method will automatically recognize a new device, even if it is the same duplicated image.

What device data does the Upswift agent use?

By law, Upswift is strictly committed to use only the device data necessary to run the
service. This requirement means that Upswift only uses the device MAC as part of the
service. Additionally, Upswift uses a disk-monitoring test which registers any read or write
changes in the file system to ensure there is no data-leakage from the device.

Can I change my plan?

You can upgrade or cancel your renewal any time you want (depending on subscription type - monthly/yearly).

Does offer plans to non-profits, NGO's and educational institutions?

We do! For more details contact us at

Which plan is right for me?

That depends on your project scale and purpose. Contact us to get help with choosing the right plan for you:

Can I try Upswift for free?

Yes. The prototype plan include three devices for free.

How do I connect my device?

After registering an account, create a project, click on 'Register Device' and run the installation command on the device terminal. That’s it! You can now see your device on the Upswift dashboard under the 'Devices' category.

How Updates are calculated?

A new Update is counted after the first deployment of the update. The amount of the devices the update is deployed on doesn't affect the total Updates counting. For example, deploying an update on 10,000 devices and a week later deploying the same update on another 10,000 devices, will be counted as 1 update in total.






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