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With more and more retail taking place online, 'brick and mortar' retail is under increasing pressure. Nevertheless, the classic way of entering a physical store and purchasing a product is will always have a place, and recently, brick and mortar retail companies are looking for new smart/IoT devices to streamline processes and save costs.

Industry Case Study:
Maya has developed a point-of-sale smart product for the Retail industry which will reduce staffing costs. Early trials have been a success, and potential clients have been convinced that her product will increase efficiency and reduce costs. However Maya is concerned about the complications involved in rolling out the product over hundreds of
branches. While her product works fine when installed in one location, when scaling to numerous locations worldwide, there could be unforeseen problems. The real challenge for Maya therefore, is to successfully manage an entire fleet of such devices across different locations.

Upswift's IoT management platform has been designed exactly for such
circumstances. Upswift's cloud solution provides Maya with multiple tools that enable her to continuously manage and control a vast number of IoT devices, all in one place.

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