UpSwift for Retail solutions

As many Retail businesses are starting to sell online, researches confirm that the old and classic way, of entering a physical store and purchasing a product is under a high growth. Recently, real stores are looking for new smart IoT devices to efficient processes and save costs.

When a business in the Retail industry is convinced that certain smart product will save them costs, usually that product is deployed over hundred of branches worldwide. While some product are working great when installed in one location, most of the time, when scaling to numerous places, bad things happen. The real challenge of the manufacturer of that exact smart IoT device is to successfully manage an entire fleet of such devices across different locations.

UpSwift IoT management platform has been designed exactly for such situations. UpSwift cloud solution provides multiple tools that assist the manufacturer to continuously manage and control a large scale of IoT devices in one place. 

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Receive instant alerts on errors

Remotely debug and fix software issues

Software version control 

View entire devices fleet real-time status






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