Send remote commands to IoT and Linux devices

There are some cases where we would like to take action on our products which are based embedded Linux or IoT (RTOS), sitting far away from human hands. Those actions can help us support the product remotely in case of an issue using ready-to-use BASH based command-actions, here are a few usual actions for IoT and Linux devices:

Restart product software - running a remote command to restart the device software.

Reboot product software - running a remote command to reboot the product.

Reset product feature - running a remote command to reset a specific software feature.

Send log data - running a remote command for sending a log file to Upswift platform using the REST API (see docs)

Check internet connection - running a remote command to debug the internet connection.

Here at we provide an easy to use, responsive Control Center that covers the whole needed features to send remote commands and even get the outputs of them easily. Using the 'Control Center' category you are able to send any kind of command to each device or to a group of devices. 

Send remote command example

Here is an example for sending commands to IoT and Linux devices remotely and see there outputs


First, make sure you have a connected device at platform and then click on the 'Control Center' category.


In this example, we will configure one remote command to check device running processes using the BASH command - 'ps'.


Next, we will run the remote command named "ps" on the relevant device or group. 


Depends on the project 'device communication cycle', the remote command will run on the device and in a few seconds after that, the output of the command will be available under the specific command line.






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