Upswift solutions for Smart City

In the coming years, more and more cities around the world are going to embrace smart technology, as they seek to increase efficiency and reduce the costs of maintaining their infrastructure and systems. With all the benefits this revolution brings, there are multiple challenges that must be addressed.

Industry Case Study:
The city of Cleantown uses a smart system for waste management. Inside every garbage can is a detector device which detects when the garbage cans in a particular district are nearing capacity and only then alerts the driverless garbage truck to come and empty them. There are hundreds of thousands of these smart garbage cans around the entire city, placed on every street corner. A potentially simple but effective solution to reduce costs and increase cleanliness in Cleantown. However, since the garbage truck will only arrive only when alerted to, if any of the devices develops a fault, the truck will never arrive to empty that garbage can. Before long, residents will suffer from garbage on the streets and increasingly poor air quality - and here we meet the challenges of operating Smart City solutions.

The Upswift platform has been designed to overcome such challenges and provide owners of Smart City products with an all-in-one cloud platform containing all the required tools to continuously monitor and stay in control of their entire fleet of smart devices.

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