UpSwift for Smart city solutions

In the upcoming years, more and more cities around the world are going to transfer to smart ones. The main intent is to efficient and lower the cost of most old infrastructures that are regularly maintained by the cities municipalities.

With all the goods this revolution brings, there are multiple challenges that must be addressed. For example, think of a garbage detector device that is placed inside every garbage can. This device detects when the garbage can is near to be filled, and only then alerts the garbage truck to come and empty it. So far, seems a simple, yet perfect solution which will save much costs for the city. Suppose there are hundred of thousands of such cans around the entire city, placed near every house.

Since the garbage truck will arrive only when alerted to, if any of those devices will suddenly stop working, the truck will never arrive to empty that garbage can. Unsurprisingly, soon enough the residents will suffer from garbage on the streets and stinky smell all over the city. Here we meet the challenges of operating Smart city solutions. 

UpSwift IoT platform has been designed to overcome such challenges and provide the smart city products owners an all-in-one cloud platform with all the needed tools to continuously manage and stay in control of the entire fleet of their smart devices. 

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Receive instant alerts on errors

Remotely debug and fix software issues

View live sensors values

View entire devices fleet real-time status






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