UpSwift for Telecom solutions

As the world becoming more and more digitalized, the demand for cellular connectivity is extremely growing. The 5G revolution is just at the beginning and it brings with it numerous opportunities as well as challenges in the smart Telecom domain.

Telecom corporations are in a search for the next smart device that will assist them to meet the high demand for their services around the world. Many new smart products are introduced every year while each one of them is covering a particular scope. However, most of them have a common challenge to overcome. In case there is some kind of a problem, there must be an easy, yet fast way to find the issue, resolve it and remotely deploy an update with the solution. Smart Telecom IoT devices usually installed at locations that nearly impossible to physically reach. Therefore, it is exceptionally important to have the ability to remotely debug issues as well as deploy over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

UpSwift IoT management platform has been designed from ground to meet those requirements. UpSwift provides multiple tools in one cloud platform that let the owner of smart Telecom IoT devices receive instant alerts on errors, remotely connect to them in order to debug the issues, and lastly deploy OTA software updates on entire fleet of thousands of IoT devices with one click.

Receive instant alerts on errors

Software version control 

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Remotely debug and fix software issues

View entire devices fleet real-time status






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